My Green Technology Watchlist

Welcome to my Green Technology Watchlist. This part newsletter/part blog, and all of the things that have interested me most about green technology over the last quarter. My interest in green technology comes from a lifetime of working around it and seeing it developed. While I’m no longer involved in solar energy development, I still do like to invest in it and keep up with the latest news. I created this website as a place to post all the developments that interest me the most.

When I learn something new, it will be posted here. I’ll often provide links to other stories, but my focus has never been the small stories. The things I share here will mostly be about major shifts in the industry that investors and serious green energy enthusiasts are going to want to follow.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is my current favorite for investment, and there are a lot of reasons why. There are some very important changes in technology happening here that make it ideal for investment. Solar panels are now largely accessible to most consumers on the market at their current price range, so we may very well be on the precipice of a massive trend of home buyers purchasing panels.

Residential applications of solar technology is probably my favorite subject, so most of the news items that you see posted here are likely going to focus on that area in particular.

Wind Energy

I’m a little colder on wind energy as a green investment than I used to be. While I still think there are great opportunities here, I think solar energy is by far the more interesting segment of the industry because of the significantly larger amount of potential. I predict that wind energy, at least as we know it, will be in decline as solar energy becomes more accessible. If there is any news though, you’ll be able to find it here.

Regulatory Changes

Regulatory changes, particularly policies that favor new green energy development with incentives and credits will often be covered here because of the importance to green energy investment. Several states have instituted policies to encourage the future development of green energy, including tax breaks for these kinds of factories and credits for those who purchase green vehicles and other technologies.